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A wedding is the event of excellence: is a great party: elegant,fun and glamourous.

Rita Romano organizes weddings in Sorrento one of the most exclusive resorts on the Sorrentine Peninsular - but not only there.

Just decide where you would like to celebrate your  wedding in Sorrento: lunch or dinner,buffet or cocktail party and all the staff of Rita Romano Events will know how to assist you in finding  what you want.

Rita Romano Wedding Planner will know what to suggest to surprise your guests with the most chic floral decorations, locations in vogue and menus to make your wedding unique.

Romano Events organizes:

  • Symbolic Ceremonies
  • Religious Ceremonies
  • Civil Ceremonies

Original and customized Projects

Rita Iolanda Romano

Care and attention to detail

Rita Iolanda Romano

Glamorous and trendy solutions

Rita Iolanda Romano